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"Streamline Efficiency for ALL your Teams"

Streamlining your Service Team efficiency takes little time with our Service Cloud Quick Start implementation package. We provide 15 Case Management processes to take your Service Team to the next level. I offer 2 package options that cover key areas that provide the most value, from escalation rules to full lifecycle processes.

If your requirements go beyond our current Quick Start Package offering, we also provide Custom Implementation services to handle any of your unique requirements. 

2 Package Options:

  • 10 Salesforce Configuration Case Management Processes
  • 5 additional Code Case Management processes for more complex workflows
  • 5 Reports and 3 Dashboards are part of the offering to provide insight into the defined Success Metrics.

10 Top Case Management Processes Every Customer Should Have: (Configuration only)

  • Web-To-Case (forms)
  • Email-To-Case
  • Case Assignment
  • 3 Tiered Category Build: Product to Version to next level for full Category Management (Automation) 
  • Customer Complaints
  • Case Escalation
  • Time to Resolution
  • Case Feed Response Time
  • Graphically Display the Age of Case
  • Automated Linking of Emails: Google or Outlook Plugin/SFIQ
  • Case Closed: Notify Customer/Log status in Salesforce