DiGITAL Business transformation 



"Blockchain Technology is a Game Changer. Get Informed and Take Action"

The world is rapidly moving from complicated to complex systems that involve a number of technologies that sit on different platforms providing streamlined business models that take companies in new directions. Technical stacks that combine CPQ, IoT and CRM allow for streamlined logistic and payment models that automate your service and product logistics. Industries like Finance are speeding up the global payment process with more trusted methods. The airline industry is utilizing tokens to complete the entire user travel experience from services like Uber and Hotels to purchasing a meal with a swipe of a phone. These are just two examples of how Blockchain technologies are changing the way the world interacts. 

I work with the Retail, Airlines and Financial Services Industries to deliver Whitepapers, Business Models, Technical Stacks, PoC & MVP Concepts and Tokens to support the new world of automation, insight and connectivity. To meet these complex technology requirements I utilize IoT (internet of things), CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Smart Contracts and other technologies to provide a full integrated technical stack to support your current and future business needs.

Get started with a 1 to 3 day Blockchain Smart Contract Workshop that provides your business model road map.

This includes:

  • Blockchain & Smart Contract Business Process Overview
  • Company and Technical Structure assessment to address people, process and technology
  • Security & Governance Strategy for to support your new technologies and business models
  • Process Assessment to map from your current to your future state
  • Technical builds leveraging all the best technologies to meet your requirements and scale your business

I will provide a 3 year technology plan to grow and automate your business using sustainable and scalable technology stacks. A Business Process Review (BPR) will provide the setting for an analysis of the current state, requirements and success criteria that provide solutions for the future direction.

The road map process will determine where your business can maximize the value of your investment in cloud-based technologies, which applications are the best fit for your business, and provide a road map that your business can follow to achieve the benefits of the cloud.